Places, People, Entities and Energies :: Definitions and Descriptions


PEOPLE: Parallel universes, earthbound spirits, dark entities, mimics, elementals, other dimensional beings, implants, imprints, cords, oaths against others, vows from others against the person, and portals.

Places, People, Entities and EnergiesPETS: Earthbound spirits, dark entities, mimics, elementals, other dimensional beings. Pets are included because there loyalty to their masters includes protecting them from attachments. Pets sometimes become seriously ill if they pick up too many energies in this role.

VEHICLES: Earthbound spirits, dark entities, mimics, elementals, other dimensional beings. In driving around, vehicles can pick up entities that may “hop on and hop off.” I have also personally experienced car problems due to some of these energies.

PLACE/LOCATION: Crystals under house, earthbound spirits, dark entities, excess emotional energy, elementals, other dimensional beings, portals, vortexes, fetish, satanic ritual sites, geopathic stress lines and gravesites.

The lists above follow the clearing worksheet. Summary descriptions are provided below.


Parallel universes – over the past several years, as energies have increased, parallel universes are very close to our universe. I detect how many are close and need to be blocked off so entities can’t jump there during the clearing and then return.

Crystals under house – Recently, I have found that many houses are having large crystal structures placed under them in the spiritual plane. These structures need to be tuned to the building and occupants so I take care of that if detected.

Earthbound spirits –people who have passed and are now in the astral plane (but should be moved to the spiritual plane).

Demons – powerful low vibration entities. Many show up but have not been activated yet.

Dark entities – range from full demonic form (usually rather unsophisticated) to small dark entities which lack consciousness and are just a drain.

Mimics – a dark entity masquerading as a high vibrational being but easily detected.

Excess emotional energy – buildings can accumulate energies that just become too intense over time and may include some very negative emotions.

Curses – psychically powerful people and some entities in the astral plane can send curses that have power and a lasting effect. These are blocked and neutralized.

Elementals – nature spirits that have been raised in consciousness by someone performing dark rites and are now wandering around looking for a place to lodge.

Other dimensional beings – in some cases, these are like invisible ETs (extraterrestrials) hanging around observing but may include consciousnesses from other planes of existence. These are all sent back to their home locations.

Implants – energy objects (sometimes physical but usually energetic) placed in people by ETs – about 2/3 need to be removed because they are not helpful. If not removed correctly and completely, can lead to physical symptoms.

Imprints – copies of other persons’ life histories that are usually not beneficial to people if picked up in a previous lifetime.

Cords (energy cords) – connections, usually draining, from an individual’s chakras to another person (living or in the astral plane) or even other-worldly constructs. This is a form of psychic vampirism.

Oaths against others – oaths against individuals who were harming the client in a previous lifetime – creates Karmic ties that need to be released and frequently involves physical symptoms.

Vows from others (against the client) – sometimes we are the “bad” people in other lifetimes and there are vows against us that also tie us Karmically to others.

Portals – “trapdoors” in our fields that allow entities to come through into our space from the astral plane.

Vortexes – small, gray “tornados” that also allow entities to come through into our space from the astral plane. Not to be confused with the large vortexes in locations like Sedona, AZ.

Fetish – an item that has had a dark energy connection placed on it to allow an outsider access to your property using an energy path.

Satanic ritual sites – whether on land or in a building, a satanic ritual leaves an energy stain that should be removed.

Geopathic stress lines – a pattern of parallel lines about six feet apart on the surface of the earth that should be blocked at the property lines.

Gravesites – some burials have shamanic protection placed them that can be a problem for the current occupants of the house or property.