Dave the Mystic Presents | Kicks with Kinesiology: An Introduction to Muscle Testing

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Dave the Mystic

Please join Dave the Mystic with Jill LaLiberte and Sophia Rose for a practical workshop on kinesiology.  The science of focus and clarity for getting your metaphysical answer FAST!

  • Recognize your instrument: pendulums, dowsing rods, stickplates
  • Create custom layouts for pendulum work
  • Learn various forms of self-testing for personal healing
  • Use the David Hawkins Level of Consciousness Scale to prioritize and focus
  • Address the core beliefs that will enhance your skill. Discover simpler ways of testing others.
  • This will include lecture, discussion, demonstrations and practice.  There will be handouts of the material.

WHEN:  Saturday, February 27th, 10am – 3pm (lunch break will allow more practice)

WHERE:  9383 W. Colfax, Lakewood, CO  (North side of Colfax just east of Kipling)

COST:  $80 – Please prepay and reserve your spot.  The Paypal email for Dave is davebuy1@8up.us or call Dave to pay by credit card.

Questions?  Please email Dave at dbarnett@holisticbeliefs.com or call at 303-902-5323.

Please join us for a great experience and a fun time!

Dave the Mystic

Jill LaLiberte
Jill LaLiberte
Sophia Rose
Sophia Rose


  1. JoAnn Mort says

    I was compelled to listen to your show for the 1st time tonight and was so glad I did! I found your knowledge fascinating and relative to my personal beliefs, which was very refreshing to me. I am eager to hear more of your programs, learn from you and eventually do some spiritual/healing work with you Dave. Blessings & Peace

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