The Alchemist Tool Chest Presents: Dave the Mystic Discussing Past Lives and the Akashic Records 4/13/17

Dave the Mystic will be giving a lecture at the Wheat Ridge Rec Center, 4005 Kipling St on Thursday April 13th from 7-9PM.   Doors open at 6:15PM.  Dave will be talking about the concepts of past lives, rationale for reincarnation, many varieties of experience, parallel universes and the spiritual implications of past lives.  Mini-readings will be provided in the session and there will be a drawing for a free session with Dave the Mystic.  For more information go to or  Regina Madsen is the founder and host and can be reached at 3030-489-1484.  There is a suggested donation of $10 at the door.  We hope to see you there!


Dave the Mystic

Dave the Mystic Presents | Kicks with Kinesiology: An Introduction to Muscle Testing

Dave Barnett 2013 portrait for websites etc
Dave the Mystic

Please join Dave the Mystic with Jill LaLiberte and Sophia Rose for a practical workshop on kinesiology.  The science of focus and clarity for getting your metaphysical answer FAST!

  • Recognize your instrument: pendulums, dowsing rods, stickplates
  • Create custom layouts for pendulum work
  • Learn various forms of self-testing for personal healing
  • Use the David Hawkins Level of Consciousness Scale to prioritize and focus
  • Address the core beliefs that will enhance your skill. Discover simpler ways of testing others.
  • This will include lecture, discussion, demonstrations and practice.  There will be handouts of the material.

WHEN:  Saturday, February 27th, 10am – 3pm (lunch break will allow more practice)

WHERE:  9383 W. Colfax, Lakewood, CO  (North side of Colfax just east of Kipling)

COST:  $80 – Please prepay and reserve your spot.  The Paypal email for Dave is or call Dave to pay by credit card.

Questions?  Please email Dave at or call at 303-902-5323.

Please join us for a great experience and a fun time!

Dave the Mystic

Jill LaLiberte
Jill LaLiberte
Sophia Rose
Sophia Rose

Detailed Descriptions of Entities and Energies

Earthbounds – People hang around after death in the astral plane for several reasons. Some are unchurched and are strangely surprised when they still have awareness. They have a hard time explaining why no one can see them and they don’t need to eat or drink. They may be considered somewhat mentally off. Another group are those who know about church, believe in Heaven and hell, and think they’ll be judged and sent to hell if they go through the white light. They aren’t willing to take the chance. A third group consists of addicts (drugs, alcohol, sex, etc.) who think that they won’t be able to satisfy their physical cravings if they move on. These can be particularly bothersome. For example, AA members may be a prime target for alcoholics who have passed because the earthbounds can influence them to drink again. Another group consists of concerned relatives. Great Aunt Susie may decide that she knows best how you should live your life so she’ll attach and try to influence your behavior. One of the major problems is that you might start manifesting symptoms of whatever cause Susie’s death. A final form of earthbound is called a shell. For some reason, when some people pass, they leave a copy of their energy in the astral plane even though they move on. These frequently become the classic ghosts who haunt castles, etc. because they’re fairly mechanistic. They cannot learn any new information and evolve. Overall, these should all be removed because they are a drain on the energy of a person or property and spiritually, they should be at a higher place to start growing.

Detailed Descriptions of Entities and EnergiesDemons and dark entities – these can range from full powered demons (rare) to large dark entities (demonic but rather naive, like a 5 year old with dangerous toys) to small dark entities (like black cockleburs – no consciousness, just an energy drain). These can be picked up randomly or they might be sent at the property. They might come through a vortex. Some are on people from birth and only become activated at a certain point in life. These all drain energy and for the larger ones, they can try to influence behavior in undesirable ways. Most clients have a clear feeling of relief and raised vitality when these are removed. In some cases, dabbling in thinks like Ouija boards can open the doorway for these.

Mimics – these started showing up several years ago. They are low vibration entities masquerading as high beings such as angels. During the detection and clearing process, they are easily identified and moved on.

Curses – These are real and there are many people in the workplace who practice magic or other forms of gray or dark energy work that levy curses or spells on others. These can also be formed and sent by beings in the astral plane. Some really are effective and need to be blocked. I see them as laser beams and put a reflective mirror in the way at a 45 degree angle so the beam is deflected towards a vat of white light on the ground to absorb its energy without alerting the sender.

Elementals – are nature spirits that have been artificially grown larger and given consciousness by some who do pagan or wiccan rites and want to have a power source. Usually, many are grown at once and if the practitioner leaves the property or area, the elementals are left without direction. They may attach to people or to properties. They’re usually fairly tame although a few can do things similar to poltergeists.

Other dimensional beings – these can be similar to invisible ETs but may also come from other planes of existence. Many of these beings have evolved past having emotions or free will and “lurk” while watching our actions and feeling what is going on. Over time, they may become more of a problem if they start trying to poke or prod the group of individuals to get a bigger emotional rise. They are sent back to where they came from.

Implants – these are placed by ETs in people. About 1/3 are beneficial such as opening clairvoyant capabilities. About 2/3 are meant to monitor, track or coerce. Care needs to be taken in the spiritual planes to remove these to ensure that nothing is left behind. I have had to do follow-ups with a few clients who had them improperly removed and were left with aches and pains.

Imprints – These are almost like computer downloads of another person’s lifetime. People frequently take these on in the spiritual plane before birth so they can use another person’s life experience to help solve problems. This is why there are many Cleopatras out there in terms of regressions. However, asking the right questions would lead the therapist to understand that the client only has a copy and is not the original in terms of incarnations. In day-to-day living in past lives, if a close friend or family member dies, it is possible to also take on a copy of their life record. Typically, these are not useful in the current incarnation and are therefore removed.

Energy cords – pathways from one person to another in the form of an energy connection between chakras. In some cases, out of love for family members, they are helpful. In most cases, they’re energy drains and can be thought of as involuntary and energy vamparism. They need to be disconnected.

Oaths against others – I get many clients who were tortured and killed in past lives for their spiritual beliefs or other reasons. There is a frequent correlation between a pain that shows up in this lifetime with the torture or form of death inflicted in the other lifetime. Also, before death in the other lifetime, if the client cursed the torturer or accuser, it links the two together Karmically and this usually cannot be undone in the spiritual planes – it needs work in the physical planes. So, every three to four lifetimes, the person gets the pain again and the person they cursed shows up as some sort of antagonist. These links can be identified and released. The primary client can also act as surrogate for releasing this in other family members.

Oaths against others – Sometimes the client was the bad person in another life and other people in that life cursed the client. Similar Karmic ties show up that can be released. Again, the client can be a surrogate for others in the release scripts.

Portals – small “trapdoors” that show up in energy fields and buildings or land. These trapdoors allow entities from the astral plane to show up. Even if a client invokes a surrounding energetic protection, the trapdoor may not be affected if inside the protective shell. These were found in one clearing where the house kept getting more earthbounds showing up after repeated clearings.

Vortexes – these are very popular to visit in Sedona but those are significantly different than the small ones found on a property. These can be viewed as a small gray tornado 10-20’ in height. They are frequently an energy portal that should be moved and dissipated. They can allow things to come through. Some people can create or open these through rituals and that can be a problem.

Fetish – an item that has had a dark energy connection placed on it to allow an outsider access to your property using an energy path. This can be something purchased new or used, found in an alley or even left hidden in the house by a contractor. I only identify the quantity of items and then clear them. I do not ask the client to perform any actions on these items.

Satanic ritual sites – whether on land or in a building, a satanic ritual leaves an energy stain that should be removed. These are long-lasting and may go back to when the land was open. They can also show up in a very short amount of time in a backyard. Apartment buildings in particular frequently have many sites.

Geopathic stress lines – there is an energy grid around the earth. In some cases, these lines (about 6 feet apart) go under a house. People sleeping above a line can sometimes have health effects. These are detected in the clearing and then rerouted so they don’t come onto the property.

Gravesites – Many houses sit on land where ancients were buried at some point in time. Many ancient rituals left spirit guardians to protect the site. If a building is placed there, the guardian may interfere with those who are currently working or living there. Spiritual beings can help the guardian understand that their work is done and they can move on.

Places, People, Entities and Energies :: Definitions and Descriptions


PEOPLE: Parallel universes, earthbound spirits, dark entities, mimics, elementals, other dimensional beings, implants, imprints, cords, oaths against others, vows from others against the person, and portals.

Places, People, Entities and EnergiesPETS: Earthbound spirits, dark entities, mimics, elementals, other dimensional beings. Pets are included because there loyalty to their masters includes protecting them from attachments. Pets sometimes become seriously ill if they pick up too many energies in this role.

VEHICLES: Earthbound spirits, dark entities, mimics, elementals, other dimensional beings. In driving around, vehicles can pick up entities that may “hop on and hop off.” I have also personally experienced car problems due to some of these energies.

PLACE/LOCATION: Crystals under house, earthbound spirits, dark entities, excess emotional energy, elementals, other dimensional beings, portals, vortexes, fetish, satanic ritual sites, geopathic stress lines and gravesites.

The lists above follow the clearing worksheet. Summary descriptions are provided below.


Parallel universes – over the past several years, as energies have increased, parallel universes are very close to our universe. I detect how many are close and need to be blocked off so entities can’t jump there during the clearing and then return.

Crystals under house – Recently, I have found that many houses are having large crystal structures placed under them in the spiritual plane. These structures need to be tuned to the building and occupants so I take care of that if detected.

Earthbound spirits –people who have passed and are now in the astral plane (but should be moved to the spiritual plane).

Demons – powerful low vibration entities. Many show up but have not been activated yet.

Dark entities – range from full demonic form (usually rather unsophisticated) to small dark entities which lack consciousness and are just a drain.

Mimics – a dark entity masquerading as a high vibrational being but easily detected.

Excess emotional energy – buildings can accumulate energies that just become too intense over time and may include some very negative emotions.

Curses – psychically powerful people and some entities in the astral plane can send curses that have power and a lasting effect. These are blocked and neutralized.

Elementals – nature spirits that have been raised in consciousness by someone performing dark rites and are now wandering around looking for a place to lodge.

Other dimensional beings – in some cases, these are like invisible ETs (extraterrestrials) hanging around observing but may include consciousnesses from other planes of existence. These are all sent back to their home locations.

Implants – energy objects (sometimes physical but usually energetic) placed in people by ETs – about 2/3 need to be removed because they are not helpful. If not removed correctly and completely, can lead to physical symptoms.

Imprints – copies of other persons’ life histories that are usually not beneficial to people if picked up in a previous lifetime.

Cords (energy cords) – connections, usually draining, from an individual’s chakras to another person (living or in the astral plane) or even other-worldly constructs. This is a form of psychic vampirism.

Oaths against others – oaths against individuals who were harming the client in a previous lifetime – creates Karmic ties that need to be released and frequently involves physical symptoms.

Vows from others (against the client) – sometimes we are the “bad” people in other lifetimes and there are vows against us that also tie us Karmically to others.

Portals – “trapdoors” in our fields that allow entities to come through into our space from the astral plane.

Vortexes – small, gray “tornados” that also allow entities to come through into our space from the astral plane. Not to be confused with the large vortexes in locations like Sedona, AZ.

Fetish – an item that has had a dark energy connection placed on it to allow an outsider access to your property using an energy path.

Satanic ritual sites – whether on land or in a building, a satanic ritual leaves an energy stain that should be removed.

Geopathic stress lines – a pattern of parallel lines about six feet apart on the surface of the earth that should be blocked at the property lines.

Gravesites – some burials have shamanic protection placed them that can be a problem for the current occupants of the house or property.

Energy and Entity Clearings by Dave the Mystic

Have you been bothered by things that go bump in the night, children being frightened of things that you can’t see, feeling like someone is staring at you? Have you been touched by invisible beings or experienced doors opening and closing or drawers coming out on their own?

Entity and Energy Clearing by Dave the MysticIt is fairly common to have unwelcome “guests” in your house or place of business that make you feel uncomfortable, drained or frightened. I do clearing work with both people for healing purposes and physical sites such as houses, businesses and properties. When I work with a property, I include clearing on all residents, pets, vehicles, outbuildings and land to take care of all essences that should be moved to another spiritual plane. I am a healer and I frequently clear clients individually in the course of an energy session appointment. In my clearing work, I do it remotely over the phone so distance is not an issue. I have cleared sites abroad and in other states. If you have concerns about what neighbors or family members might think, we can do it very discretely.

Everything that I clear is moved to the spiritual planes. I avoid the concept of “casting out demons” since this approach frequently results in those entities attaching to other people or houses in the vicinity. I have also seen over the past four or five years an increase in spiritual energy on the planet that has made many of these entities much stronger and pretty resistant to older clearing systems using smudging, Feng Shui, salt, candles, gongs, etc.

In this website, there is a clearing worksheet that I use with clients. Below are lists followed by detailed information of what I check for and clear. This worksheet is a work in progress and has grown substantially over the years. There are other less-common entities that I also detect and clear but those are on a case-by-case basis.

I am happy to discuss these with you and develop a plan for clearing. Typically, there is an initial phone call to fill out the worksheet with what is detected. Between the first and second phone calls, the clearing is performed. There is some follow-up information provided in the second phone call. Approximately two weeks after the second phone call, a recheck is performed and a short phone call is made to report the results. Cost is very nominal at a flat rate of $150. I can be reached at 303-902-5323 to discuss your situation and the process. I am located in Littleton, CO. I also have a webradio program – please see

Dave the Mystic